Samantha F.

"When I reached out to Leslie in October of 2017, I was hoping to lose about 10-15 pounds of “extra mush” that did NOT need to be there!  Leslie, from day 1 was SO confident in me that I could lose the weight, that it helped me stay excited throughout our entire process! She has the most DELICIOUS meal plans EVER – you don’t even realize you are on a plan!  Her recipes are easy to follow and her guidance on how much to work out and what types of workouts to do were super helpful.  I realized right away I was doing too much cardio and not enough lifting.  She also helped me realize that REST DAYS need to be accounted for!  The fact that she told me to take a day to sit on the couch was refreshing!   I lost 14 pounds by end of January and couldn’t have been more thrilled.  I once again reached out to Leslie in December of 2018 to help me loose the last 10 pounds of baby weight I had on from my pregnancy that past year.  Within 4 weeks, with Leslie’s delicious meals and guidance I was back down to my PRE-BABY weight which is where Leslie had gotten me just months before!  She is a true gem to work with.  She pushes you hard, but she is your biggest cheerleader and support during this process.  I LOVE working with her and if I ever need help to lose weight again, she will be my first phone call.  Thank you, Leslie!" 

Jenni S.

In my 40’s, I found it so difficult to lose weight. Everything that I had done successfully in the past just wasn’t working anymore. When I started doing meal planning with Leslie, I was finally able to shed those stubborn extra 5-10 pounds. She provides customized meal plans each week with simple, easy-to-make recipes, and she calculates the calories and macros so there’s nothing to count or track.  The recipes are all very yummy – several of them have become favorites for my family.  I also really like eating smaller, balanced meals 5 times a day.  It is so helpful to prep my food on the weekend and then know exactly what and when to eat each day.  The weekly check-ins are another key to the success of her program – I really need that accountability. Following Leslie’s meal plans and losing the weight helped me feel confident in my skin (and clothes!) again, and I was even able to break out a two-piece for my summer vacation!

I also used Leslie’s program for help with resistance training in the gym.  She created plans for a total body workout with weights and made specific suggestions for cardio.  For each new workout, I went to her gym and she showed me how to correctly do all the exercises.  I couldn’t believe how strong I got – everyone at my gym noticed the improvement in my physique.  Every month Leslie encouraged me to lift heavier, and I was amazed with my progress!

I can’t recommend Leslie highly enough.  Her meal and training plans were complete game changers for me!